To which Board is PTS affiliated?2020-02-15T16:16:04+05:45

PTS is a constituent school of CTEVT established in 1996 AD.

I would like to know more about CTEVT2020-02-15T16:15:46+05:45

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) constituted in 1989 (2045 BS) is a national autonomous apex body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources required to the nation. It mainly involves in policy formulation, quality control, preparation of competency based curriculum, developing skill standards of various occupations and testing the skills of the people, conduct various research studies and training needs assessment etc.

It has an assembly consisting of 24 members and a governing board known as Council comprising nine members. Minister of Education chairs both the Assembly and the Council. The Council has a full time Vice-Chairperson and a Member-Secretary.

What is Merit Scholarship?2020-02-15T16:15:28+05:45

This scholarship is provided to one best performing student in each program of the entrance exam from among all the competitors who fills the form as full fee payers in the respective school and college. This applies for the first year admission, whereas for the scholarship of second and third years, the result of previous year / semester will be considered as the basis for scholarship.

What is Classified Scholarship?2020-02-15T16:15:08+05:45

This scholarship is provided to the hard-up students among Community/Government Schools, women, dalit, ethnic group, martyrs, former Kamaiya (poorly paid tenant), Haliaya (poorly paid plough man), Conflict Victims and disadvantaged groups of people.

Will you be providing bus services for local/day students?2020-02-15T16:14:48+05:45

NO, at the time we did not bus services .

Do you provide On the job training/internship programme.2020-02-15T16:14:04+05:45

Yes, We Provide OJT/Internship Program for Students.

Can you briefly introduce Pokhara Technical School?2020-02-15T16:13:44+05:45

Pokhara Technical School is the Constituent school of CTEVT established in 1996 AD. PTS provide technical and vocational education in the field of Health and Hospitality sector.

What is different in PTS than other local Hospitality Schools/colleges?2020-02-15T16:13:18+05:45
We focuses on hands on practice and provide 80% Practical Classes.
What are the class timings?2020-02-15T16:12:57+05:45
Most of the Academic classes conducted from 10 AM to 05 PM. and at morning time we conduct vocational training classes.
What’s the security in School?2020-02-15T16:12:37+05:45

Student safety is a high priority at PTS. The School has a 24/7 security team who are responsible for providing a safe environment for the School community. The School enjoy the high level of security. Security ensures that entry into School is available only to people registered in the main gate.

What is the minimum attendance percent required?2020-02-15T16:12:17+05:45

According to CTEVT rules, a minimum of 90% class attendance is required to be cleared for the final/semester exam.

Do you follow a semester system or yearly system?2020-02-15T16:12:00+05:45

PTS follow semester system for Diploma in Hotel Management program and Yearly system for PCL in Ophthalmic Science, TSLC in Culinary Arts and TSLC in Hotel Management (Apprenticeship Module)Program.

What is the fee structure of the courses PTS offer?2020-02-15T16:11:44+05:45
What are the courses being offered at PTS?2020-02-15T16:11:07+05:45

We are offering  3 Years Diploma in Hotel Management, 3 Years PCL in Ophthalmic Science, 18 Months TSLC in Culinary Arts, 2 Years TSLC in Hotel Management (apprenticeship) courses After SEE/SLC. and Vocational courses related to Hospitality Industry.

When do admissions take place at PTS?2020-02-15T16:31:57+05:45

Admission usually take place in the period between Ashadh and Shravan just after SEE Result every year.

How can I apply to Diploma/PCL/TSLC Programme ?2020-02-18T11:23:03+05:45

Candidates are required to fill the  Application Form when CTEVT announce the New Intake Admission .

Do I need to submit SEE Mark Sheet and certificates when I apply?2020-02-18T11:27:21+05:45

You will have to attach Photo copies of all your SEE certificates including 2 PP size Photo &  Citizenship Certificate or Birth Certificate.

What’s included in my fees?2020-02-18T11:32:37+05:45

Your admission fees include – Development fee, Admission fee, Library fee,  and Interest-free Security Deposit (Refundable After the course completion ).

What is the eligibility for admission to Diploma in Hotel Management?2020-02-18T11:34:35+05:45

SEE/SLC pass having at least (D+ Grade in English, Mathematics and Science) or equivalent or Technical SLC (TSLC) in related subject.

What is the eligibility for admission to PCL in Ophthalmic Science?2020-02-18T11:35:33+05:45

SEE/SLC pass having at least (2 GPA and must be C Grade in English, Mathematics and Science) or equivalent.

When is the last date for admission?2020-02-18T11:38:56+05:45

After entrance exam result, CTEVT announce the admission deadline.

What is the process of admission – is there any entrance test?2020-02-18T11:40:35+05:45

Yes, Entrance examination administered by CTEVT.

Where do I get the form? Is it available online?2020-02-18T11:43:14+05:45

The Admission From can be procured from both School as well as from our website. You can download form online here: www.ptspokhara.edu.np/forms/

What is the price of the admission form/prospectus?2020-02-18T11:45:44+05:45

The price of the form with prospectus is Rs 1000 only.

I passed SEE/SLC last year. Can I get admission to Diploma/PCL/TSLC course this year?2020-02-18T11:47:42+05:45

Yes you can proceed for admission this year.

Can i receive admission on the basis of entrance test?2020-02-18T11:54:05+05:45

Depending on the admission criteria, the admissions will be based on merit in the entrance test or marks in the qualifying examination. However, all candidates must fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements.

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